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for conference presentations

General rules

- Rename your presentation as Paper_Number_Presenting-Author.pptx 

  (e.g., Paper_052_Dessi.pptx)

- In case you upload a revised version, add "_rev.pptx" at the end of file

- Limit each presentation to a maximum of 200MB including videos


- Each presenter is strongly suggested to upload her/his presentation by July 8 also in draft form to allows the staff to make a first check

- In case you need to upload an updated version of your presentation after July 8, please provide your presentation by usb-pen the day before your presenting session

Remote only

- Presentations must be uploaded in advance by July 7 also in draft form to allows the staff to make a first check

- Uploading revisions is possible till July 10

- Your presentation should match the one pre-loaded by the staff on the Conference Room laptop which will be temporarily shown in case of lost connection

Presentation on-line uploading

Uploading is possible by July 1

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