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Instructions for presenters (updated July 2)

Due to the pandemic wave, sessions will include both in-presence and remote presentations. For this reason, the HYEL staff ask authors for their collaboration and are invited to carefully read instructions.


  1. Because of hybrid-form of the conference, all presentations must be previously uploaded on the Conference Room Laptop. Please follow detailed instructions below depending on type of presentation (in-presence or remote).

  2. The allocated time for each presenter is 25 minutes (20 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion).

  3. All speakers will be asked to fill in an “Information Sheet” before the conference or at latest at the time of on-site registration at the registration desk.

In-presence speakers

  1. Each presenter is strongly advised to upload presentation by July 8. The conference staff will check possible issues with fonts and video formats.

  2. Presentations should be uploaded using this link on the website. The link is active from July 1.

  3. Each file must be named as: Paper_Number_Name-of-presenter.pptx (e.g., Paper_052_Dessi.pptx)

  4. Each presentation should not exceed 200MB.

  5. In case the authors miss uploading the presentations, each presentation must be checked and loaded on the Conference Room Laptop the day before presentation is scheduled.

  6. Only in case the presenter needs to use an updated version of the checked presentation, the revised version can be loaded on the Conference Room Laptop before starting of morning sessions.

Remote speakers

  1. Presentations must be uploaded in advance by July 7 using this link on the website which is active from July 1.

  2. Presentations should not exceed 200MB.

  3. Revised version can be uploaded up to July 10. Your presentation must match that one pre-loaded by the staff on the Conference Room laptop which will be temporarily shown in case of lost connection.

  4. The platform for remote presentations will be GoToMeeting. Instructions for presenters can be found at the following link:

  5. Each remote presenter is requested to make a test with GOTO application the following hours:

  6. Test session 1. July 4 - 11:00 – 12:00 – Papers with an assigned number < 30 -

  7. Test session 2. July 5 - 11:00 – 12:00 – Papers with an assigned number > 30

  8. Before the test, each presenter or attendee can check the operating system, browser and internet-connection requirements in advance by using the following link:

  9. Each conference presenter or attendee will receive a link to connect to the conference web system before the conference start.

  10. Each presenter must be on-line and connected to the GOTO system preferably from the morning session, but in any case, not later than 15min before starting of the presenter’s session.

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