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Call for papers

Main topics

  • Wave induced global vibration (springing, whipping, ringing)

  • Local hydroelastic impact (slamming, sloshing, green water,..)

  • Shock response and ice-induced vibrations

  • Dynamics of very large floating structures

  • Dynamics of aquaculture structures

  • Dynamic response of renewable energy devices  (offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines, wave energy converters)

  • Cable and line dynamics (risers, mooring line, umbelicals,...)

  • Flow-induced vibrations (VIV, Galloping, VIM,...)

Special Sessions

Bio-inspired hydroelasticity
Learning from data

There is a widespread interest for building hybrid models based on a combination of numerical models and sensor information, or even simply data-driven. This special session will host cutting-edge application of Digital Twins or Machine Learning techniques for fluid-structure problems in marine engineering.

This session will include papers related to recent advancements in measuring techniques or data analysis to reach a better description of hydroelastic phenomena.

Hydroelasticity traditionally combines hydrodynamics and structural dynamics, modern hydroelasticity can include more. Papers coupling hydroelasticity with energy systems, special materials, control theory and so on are welcome in this special session.

Highly flexible devices like flapping tails for propulsion, underwater robots mimicking fish, artificial seaweeds for extracting energy from currents represent challenging problems in fluid-structure interaction specially tailored for this session.

Powering the experimental eye
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